3000 Years Among Microbes


・日期|2022.01.14 – 2022.02.27


《與細菌混了3000年》通過仍在迅速發展中的科技,從微生物到行星尺度,以「共生(symbiosis)」 和「親屬關係(kindship)」邏輯去推測一個別樣的太空未來。


《與細菌混了3000年》像是一道想像力的測驗,思考人類應如何在太空探索(殖民)進程,銘記人類世(Anthropocene)的教訓,將共生觀念植入對星際生態系的想像之中。正因為太空探索與軍備競賽、地緣政治、經濟利益高度相關,所以當商業化契機使宇宙成為等待被開拓的「新邊疆(new frontier)」時,我們希望在已經不再是空想的「太空時代」提出一種新的語言—一種有別於殖民隱喻的語言。從氣候變遷到貧富差距,我們已見識到要解決這些人類製造出的問題有多困難。而在太空,我們有機會從一開始就做出更好的選擇。

“3000 Years Among Microbes” speculates on an alternative space future through rapidly evolving technologies from the microbial to the planetary scale, with the logic of “symbiosis” and “kinship.”

Drawing on science fiction literature, emerging technologies, and post-human perspectives, the project opens up a series of discussions on framing space exploration outside the metaphor of colonization through prototyping, experimental videos, space simulations, online platforms, and stakeholder interviews. In the process of project development, Zone Sound Creative studio and artists visited Taiwan National Space Organization and a NASA lunar mock-up base in the Western Desert during the 1960s space race, filmed on locations, and collected microbial samples. Juxtaposing extreme landscapes with microscopic images blurs the distinction between humans and microbes and further replaces the definition of the human “individual” with the concept of “holobiont.”

“3,000 Years Among Microbes” is a test of imagination that considers how humans should approach space exploration (colonization), remembering the lessons of the Anthropocene and embedding the concept of symbiosis in the vision of interstellar ecosystems. Because space exploration is highly relevant to the arms race, geopolitics, and economic interests, we hope to propose a new language when “space age” is no longer a fantasy, a language distinguished from the metaphor of colonization, as commercialization turns the universe into a “new frontier” waiting for exploration. From climate change to the wealth gap, we have seen how difficult it is to solve these human-generated problems. In space, we have the opportunity to make better choices right from the start.



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藝術家Artists |徐叡平 Rae Hsu 、紀柏豪 PoHao Chi、Nancy Valladares
創作協力Supporting Artist |Chucho Ocampo
衛星模型設計製作 CubeSat Installtion|陳湘馥 Hsiangfu Chen
空拍指導Aerial Photography Guide|Maggie Coblentz
攝影協力(臺灣)Supporting Photography (Taiwan)|張耀翔 Yaoxiang Zhang
專案執行 Project Mannager|賴慧珈 Caitlin Lai
行政協力Administrate Support|陳旻靖 MinChing Chen
展場設計 Exhibition Design|賴慧珈 Caitlin Lai
視覺設計 Visual Design|吳瑞桓 TRACY’S
​網站設計 Website Design | 賴慧珈 Caitlin Lai
展務執行 Exhibition Execute|詹若禾 RuoHe Jhan
計畫顧問 Project Consultant|Maggie Coblentz、Ariel Ekblaw、Danielle Wood

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RIXC — 人類與植物關係的再思考

RIXC是位於拉脫維亞的新媒體藝術中心,旨在推動藝術、科技與新興技術之間的創新實驗與交流,時常舉辦藝術節、展覽、研討會與工作坊,以再生能源與生態學為主要關注核心。本篇文章將介紹RIXC的藝術計畫《Forest Garden Greenhouse Concert》、藝術家駐村作品《Blooming Love》以及2020年於RIXC藝廊展出的《Orgatopia》展覽,讓我們從這些藝術創作中,一同再思考人類與植物的關係。

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