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Zone Sound Creative


Founded in 2017 by Po-Hao Chi in New Taipei City, together with people from various backgrounds, including performing art, music, and engineering, we develop and deliver creative projects in generative and interactive ways. Our tools range from music composition, creative coding to digital fabrication to implement works in both virtual and physical presences. We hope to inspire dialogue about the relationship between technology and culture through our practice and meet technoculture discourses head-on.  


About Po-Hao Chi


Po-Hao Chi is an interdisciplinary practitioner who works at the fusion of art, music, and technology. His practice usually stems from the fascination with boundaries and guidelines to associate diversities in everyday life. His recent research is about agencies and collaborative capacities between humans and artifacts with the evolving connectivity. Chi graduated from the Art, Culture, and Technology program at MIT and received his MMus from Goldsmiths, University of London, and a B.A. in Economics from National Taiwan University.

Our Vision

“Zone Sound Creative” is a cultural agent that believes technology can empower people to become creators. By building a platform and influential brand that encourages dialogues between art, culture, and technology, we hope to bridge people who work across disciplines in Chinese and Western communities, stringing together communities and resources through interdisciplinary cooperation. 

In recent years, we have gradually developed international networks. For example, we participated in Convergence Session in London as an international delegate in 2018, co-hosted “Selected Ambient Airs” with British Council while inviting Taipei Digital Art Center and Cultural-Tech Alliance as co-organizers, together with Fine Arts Education Resource Center to adapt the methodology into a highschool level STEAM class. Our current projects include “3000 Years Among Microbes,” which speculates a sci-fi space future out of the Western perspective with aids from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Zero Gravity Flight, and a cultural exchange project “Plastic Soup” in collaboration with the Mexican institution dériveLAB, creative space BEMA, and Taipei Artists Village. 

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