Zone Sound Creative

creativity transform lives

Our Vision

ZONE SOUND is a cultural agent that believes technology has the potential to empower people to become creators. By building up a platform and influential brand that encourages dialogues between art, culture, and technology, we hope to bridge people who work across different fields in Chinese and Western communities, stringing together communities and resources through interdisciplinary cooperation.

Zone Sound Creative

Founded in 2017 by Po-Hao Chi and a group of highly skilled artists in order to create, develop and deliver tools and ideas for creative projects while building a strong network with people who share the same passion as ours. We remain dedicated to the creative process in order to explore further frontiers of art and technology.

Creative Coding and Computer-assisted Composition

We create generative and interactive system with creative coding (Max/MSP and others) and digital fabrication tools to implement our works in both virtual and physical presence. We hope to inspire dialogue about the relationship between technology and culture through my practice and meet discourses about technoculture head on.