3D-Audio walk through Under the Air *listen with headphones*

Ever wondered how it is to walk inside a dub track? *listen with headphones*Since 2011, I research with V2_ in Rotterdam to melt virtual sound worlds with the physical world.We combined Ableton Live with a tracking system to know your position and orientation in space and hooked it up to my liveset. In this video, I spread the track Under the Air in space and had a small field trip. And it is sooooo intense! You can't imagine how long I was waiting for this to happen!!!

Posted by Pangani on Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Pangani 是由Sebastian Frisch於2014年發起的奧地利迷幻音樂計畫。在斯瓦希裡語中,Pangani是一個充滿聖靈的地方,在那裡你能夠感受到能量並為之顫抖。


近年來隨著VR沈浸式影像開始普及,聆聽的方式也不再只是限於傳統的立體聲/5.1/7.1格式,接下來取而代之的將會是具互動且沈浸感的聽覺感受。Pangani於近期所發佈的這個影片,即是利用了沈浸式聆聽的方式來呈現作品。Sebastian Frisch結合了Ableton Live與追蹤系統來取得使用者的即時位置,再連結他的liveset。