【展覽】凝光流聲 Solid Light, Flowing Sound 計畫|2020小城生活


《凝光流聲 Solid Light, Flowing Sound》計畫

「凝光流聲」是一件濃縮了傳統市場生活片段的現地裝置,觀眾可通過與民常器物互動,來觸發與疊加預先錄製的取樣效果,創造出流動聲光場景。在聆聽都會空間的節奏時,我們會傾向去指涉場域中既存的人事物,將其與我們經驗中的聲響記憶做連結。法國哲學家列菲伏爾(Henri Lefebvre)認為,日常生活與節奏的關係並非恆常不變,「節奏」可被視為某一動作的重複,但又不僅是如此。在觀察一空間中各種重複的事件時,節奏便隨之進入普遍情境下人們建構時間認知的過程,「重複」成為連結「相同」與「不同」事件之間的線索。經由群眾參與作品,通常被視為噪音的街坊環境聲將與樂音交織,成為組構日常節奏的共創過程。各種素材的混合就像一場實驗,引導我們發現那些一直存在於生活周遭,卻在匆忙庸碌中所忽視的景致。

“Solid Light, Flowing Sound” is a site-specific installation that integrates glimpses of life in the marketplace. The audience can trigger and overlap pre-recorded samples to create flowing sound-light scenery. While listening to rhythms in urban spaces, we tend to refer people and things to on-site experience and associate them with our sonic memories. Henri Lefebvre’s discourse indicates that rhythm is actually about repetition. However, soundscapes are always under construction. In other words, they are ever-changing. When observing various repetitive events in spaces, rhythms then enter the process of shaping time perception. Thus, “Repetition” turns into the clue that links similarity and dissimilarity. Through crowd participation, the field ambience of the marketplace, which we usually regard as noise, is interlaced with music, raising a co-creation process that forms the everyday rhythm. The mixing of various ingredients is like an experiment, leading us to discover surrounding sceneries that we often neglect when rushing through life.


展覽日期|2021/09/19 – 2020/10/31
展覽地點|2020小城生活 中華市場


融聲創意 (紀柏豪、陳旻靖、賴慧珈)


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