Performative Aramono

Interactive Sound Device, found objects, Internet


Performative Aramono” is a participatory installation that integrates historical origins and creative technologies. It creates an acoustic environment that invites people to join and play with others, following the sound of daily essentials and exploring sonic memories.

In cooperation with a local business dedicated to promoting Taiwanese daily essentials in Tau-Tiu-Tiann, we extend the notion of Aramono- the original state of objects without decoration and polishing. Participants can simply open the webpage by scanning a QR code to communicate with the system through personal mobile devices to trigger sensory feedbacks. The “Intra-activity” in this project explores the possibilities of houseware in the context of visual culture to extend the viewer’s imagination.

By transferring everyday essentials into a musical interface, participants and objects co-create a resonant sound field by means of the signal. Users trigger resonances with personal devices through the Internet while seeing its automatism as animism. According to Heidegger, things often reside in the inner co-responding of human beings. All bodies-human and nonhuman, are all active participants in the formation of the world, and the ongoing “intra-activity.” The relationship between discursive practices and material phenomena in this project addresses performativities and agencies between human and nonhuman, and the connectivity among physical and virtual entities.

Live Performance version at Tau-Tiu-Tiann International Festival, 2018


  • Web Design & Initial Sketch: Wu Che-Yu
  • Programming Support: Lo Jo-Yu, Chen Bo-Yu
  • Installation Assistant: Chen Minching, Dora Yang, Caitlin Lai


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聲化感官實驗室 Sonic Sensory Lab
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Max中的Snapshot功能,是種簡單存儲VST或Audio Units插件以及Max for Live設備當前狀態,並將這些訊息與Max patch一起保存的實用工具。在音樂和聲音藝術的創作過程中,我們經常會碰到需要暫時保存或回顧特定設定的情境。無論是調試複雜音效,還是在現場演出中迅速切換不同音色,Snapshot功能都能夠幫助我們輕鬆管理這些狀態。

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