Song of Distances

Webpage, Internet, HTML, Javascript, GPS data, 2019

Song of Distances(距離之歌)
 is a participatory and algorithmic web-based music composition based on ubiquitous computing. It focuses on the concept of compressed time and space by transforming the positioning information into audible events. Each login session represented as a node in the topographic coordinate by granting access to GPS data by the user. The system continuously calculates the session period and relative distances between the center and each node to trigger the music, while the orientation affects the direction of the sound in the spatial audio setting. This piece gradually evolves with crowd participation as a collective experience on the Internet.


  1. Scan the QR code to open a webpage. Follow the instruction to authorize the positioning data of your mobile device.
  2. The webpage displays a topographic coordinate with relative distance and direction of historical sessions and the device in your hand.
  3. The connected device triggers the sound by scanning the surrounding nodes while being detected by other devices.
  4. You can scan the QR code anywhere to reconnect to the system to affect the music through mobility; The node becomes offline after closed the webpage.

P.S. Users must open the GPS and Location Service on their devices to participate in this piece.

Production Team
  • Web Design: Wu Che-Yu
  • Programming: Lo Jo-Yu
  • Artist & Sound Design: Chi Po-Hao


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