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美好的弔詭 The Wonderful Creepiness

《美好的弔詭(The Wonderful Creepiness)》聯展


學者全喜卿在她的著作《更新以保持不變:習慣的新媒介》中提出「美好弔詭」(The Wonderful Creepiness) 一詞,點出在數位性(digitality)中伴隨連結能力(connectivity)而來的美好,同時卻也令人焦慮的雙重特性。我們應如何與介於線上與線下之間的混種物(hybridity)共存?網路與數位科技所帶給我們的,是一個能夠逃脫現實的共融烏托邦,亦或是一個隔絕現實並因其隱匿性而佈滿監控的危險地帶?(科技)物是如何在被使用的過程中,創建出人機互動間的微妙親密與疏離感,讓我們對其充滿期待卻又如此悲觀?

本次展覽呈現將透過一系列環繞於網路與其衍生物的藝術實踐,經由文化研究、科技應用與群眾參與,來探討當今網路與數位科技的多重面向,並延伸至人與(科技)物的糾纏關係。藝術家紀柏豪、張孟泰與余香瑩的四件作品利用創新數位科技,如 3D 掃描、網頁VR及混合實境等技術,試圖再現疫情影響下介於可見與不可見之間的連通性與想像網路,以不同角度來回應今日人人皆深陷其中的虛實交纏羈絆。

The Internet has been an essential medium for spreading and transmitting information since its invention, embedded in our lives over time. It is a banal everyday tool and revolutionary innovation, a new and exciting interface, and a root causing numbness and boredom, an innovative source of information yet a disease that distracts people’s attention. The continually updating flows that connect virtual space and physical reality sustain the interpersonal emotions and people’s collective consciousness and networked entities. As the shrinking devices gradually become extensions of our bodies and consciousness, the discussion of the dissolving boundary between the virtual and the real emerges again.

Scholar Wendy Chun used the term “The Wonderful Creepiness” in her book “Updating to Remain the Same: Habitual New Media.” She describes the Internet’s duplicity, the wonderfulness, and the creepiness, attributed to its digitality connectivity. Can the Internet and new technology picture an idea of Utopia? Or is it a dangerous zone isolated from reality and full of surveillance and alert with its invisibility? How do new media technology create subtle intimacy and alienation between human and machine interaction in the process of being used, leading to both expectation and pessimism?

The exhibition “The Wonderful Creepiness” explores multiple dimensions of the Internet and digital technologies that extend the intertwined relationship between human and (technological) artifacts through contemporary practices. Artists Po-Hao Chi, Mengtai Zhang, and Rosalie Yu apply creative technologies (i.e., 3D scanning, web applications, VR, and mobile communication) to reshape future connectivity. In the digital era, under the influence of the epidemic, their works echo the entanglement of hybrid realities that no one can escape.

Virtual Confinement Installation View
Reciter(s) Installation View


展覽日期|2021/01/15 – 2021/01/29
開放時間|週二至週六 1pm – 7pm
展覽地點|靜慮藝廊 | 100台北市中正區晉江街124號


藝術家   |紀柏豪、張孟泰、余香瑩
製作單位|融聲創意 Zone Sound Creative

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