《卡努 (Khanun)》作品介紹

Chucho Ocampo《卡努 (Khanun)》

Wind Harp Installation, Electric Fan, Double Gauze Fabric, / Dimension Variable / 2023


《卡努 (Khanun)》源於《尺度・訊號・光譜》計畫,是融聲創意與墨西哥BEMA和dériveLAB藝術機構合作的延續,聚焦於環境感知和身體性經驗的深入探索。墨西哥藝術家Chucho Ocampo於臺灣駐留期間,遊走花蓮至臺北,通過田野調查激發靈感,創造出這一可移動的裝置原型。


Derived from the “Scale, Signal, Spectrum” project, “Khanun” continues collaborating with Zone Sound Creative and Mexican institutions BEMA and dériveLAB, focusing on environmental perception and embodied experience. During his residency in Taiwan, Mexican artist Chucho Ocampo traveled from Hualien to Taipei, gathering inspiration through field research to create this mobile installation prototype.

The exhibited installation is aeolian harps made through a series of public workshops, utilizing everyday materials such as water pipes and fishing lines combined with printed materials featuring half-tone effects. As the wind blows across the strings, they resonate with the wind, generating resonant melodies that are transmitted invisibly through an FM transmitter. This creation encourages the audience to venture outdoors, personally experiencing the wind patterns and changes in the surrounding environment, thus providing an alternative perspective on perceiving the natural world.


Chucho Ocampo是將藝術、建築與科技領域交匯的墨西哥藝術家和建築師。他的核心藝術實踐,是通過各種介面、工作坊、行走或對空間的挪用,探索新的思考路徑,從而挑戰我們對周遭環境既定的看法。他使用漂移和錯誤作為方法,質疑尺度、功能性、遷移、官僚主義、公民身份,以及人類與其他存在的關係。Chucho與合作夥伴共同創建了學生運營的獨立出版社 PPPPRESS。與此同時,他在dérive LAB擔任創意總監和合夥人,該公司從事與住房、城市設計、公共空間介入和文化管理相關的項目,並且他也是墨西哥克雷塔羅的文化中心BEMA的合作創始人。

Chucho Ocampo is a Mexican artist and architect bridging art, architecture, and technology. At the core of his artistic practice, he explores new paths of thinking through diverse interfaces, workshops, ambulatory experiences, and spatial appropriations, thereby challenging conventional perceptions of our immediate environment. Using drifts and errors as methodologies, he questions notions of scale, functionality, migration, bureaucracy, citizenship, and the myriad relationships humans form with entities beyond their existence. Together with partners, Chucho co-founded PPPPRESS, a student-run independent publishing house. He also holds the position of Creative Director and partner at dérive LAB, an agency dedicated to art, architecture, and urban planning, with projects often relating to housing, urban design, public space interventions, and cultural management. Furthermore, he co-established the cultural center BEMA in Querétaro, Mexico.




展出日期|2023.09.01 – 2023.09.06
展出地點|臺灣當代文化實驗廣場 C-LAB


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聲音生態學的實驗室裡都執行著怎樣的研究?上一回挑選了亞利桑那州立大學的Acoustic Ecology Lab,他們發展在地走聽、社區參與聲音錄製、傳感技術等,也分析聲景數據資料以了解環境生態。而臺灣在中研院由林子皓老師帶領的海洋聲景生態資訊實驗室,則聚焦在以遙測的方式蒐集聲音資料研究分析環境與變動與生物的多樣性,也探討人為活動如何影響環境生態。

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